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WellTrackONE, Corporation, about us, is an industry leading company dedicated to providing quality wellness program solutions to healthcare providers and organizations throughout the country.  Our company focuses on patient wellness related to Medicare, Medicaid and commercial populations.  Our unique, approved patient assessment software provides physicians and organizations with a comprehensive baseline report detailing modifiable risk factors, preventative goals and measurable data.  Our information allows accountable care organizations to target patient care while reducing total healthcare costs.

WellTrackONE works with your organization to offer your Medicare patients access to their Annual Wellness Visits year after year. We provide a full service wellness solution, including scheduling, screening and documentation that allows you to provide wellness visits for all your Medicare patients easily and seamlessly.

The Annual Wellness Visit is a catalyst for a physician to grow their business with substantial revenue without having to change their current day-to-day operations.

Our full-service solution generates the Medicare required Risk Factors Report to the physician, the 5-Year Plan Report as well as the Personal Health Advise Report (Personalized Prevention Plan) that is provided to the patient.

WellTrackONE is a complete program of scheduling, staffing and documentation powered by a proprietary evidence-based risk stratification engine.

WellTrackONE enables you to perform Annual Wellness Visits for your Medicare patients with no change in physician workflow and no administrative burden for your practice. The WellTrackONE program provides valuable data for outcomes and clinical measurements while at the same time generating significant revenue for your organization.


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