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What is AccessONE™?

WellTrackONE has a unique vision: With the proper and systematic approach at wellness, providers and healthcare organizations could change from a “Retrospective” to a “Prospective” methodology.

Simply put, what WellTrackONE often says to physicians is this: “You already know what patients fell and broke their hips last year. What WE will help you determine is who could potentially fall and break their hips THIS year.”Use the information collected during the Annual Wellness Visit to help meet PQRS measures, ACO measures and other population management requirements.

Therefore, this is the philosophy of AccessONE™: If physicians and care coordination teams are given accurate, stratified risk information of their patient populations, then those providers can and will “intervene” and prevent the onset of chronic disease and prevent catastrophic accidents and falls. This tendency will help reduce the Medicare annual spend by significantly reducing cost.

To simplify the task at hand, WellTrackONE offers healthcare organizations a robust reporting system called AccessONE™ that is simple to use and offers valuable data metrics for any organization.


How Does it AccessONE™ Work?

The data is predicated upon WellTrackONE’s ability to capture over 350 data points per Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) in a consistent and unified manner. Moreover, the data is captured year after year; this offers healthcare organizations the ability to see “trending” data – such as risk factors for colorectal cancer trended over time. Trending data is invaluable to measure the effectiveness of an organization’s intervention policies and overall outcomes.

Additionally, the AccessONE™ reports provide a comparison of the current organization’s data versus “The Universe” which is a colloquial term for “all other data in the AcessONE™ system.” This is somewhat of a peer comparison capability for any healthcare organization as they can see definitively how they stack up against other physicians and practices who use the AccessONE™ system.

Simply put, the AccessONE™ system is a piece of the puzzle in helping your organization move from a volume-based platform to a value-based platform.

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