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Coming Soon from WellTrackONE: An Employer Group Cost and Risk Mitigation Program

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Coming Soon: A New Product from WellTrackONE
Delivering new, standardized clinical approach for ALL Employees

Healthcare is the second highest employer expense and no matter how low a company’s annual increases are, the carrying cost of health benefits represents a major loss of profit. Today, health inflation and a health system based on illness treatment instead of illness prevention, conspire against company profits and every employee’s health. Routinely companies are forced to accept this as the status quo, with no solution for the increasing cost of healthcare.

Today there is a new way for employers to gain control of this growing cost.

Introducing the CareONE Employer Program™ – a new service for companies with self-funded health benefits that will enable them to take a greater control of their healthcare costs, while enhancing the quality of life of their employees.

CareONE Employer Program™ is an amalgam of tried and true medical practice combined within a single program and augmented by technology. In this view, CareONE Employer Program™ is a program that allows self-insured companies to better control their health spend and obtain far greater vision into their health risk profile.

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Reclaiming Profit Held Hostage by Health Benefits

  • Routinely accepting the status quo of continued high benefits costs and yearly increases is not acceptable
  • As the second highest employer expense, no matter how low your annual increases are, the carrying cost of health benefits is a major loss of profit.
  • Health inflation and a health system based on on illness treatment instead of illness prevention, conspire against company profits and every employee’s health.
  • Increased employee cost sharing hurts retention and is not a sustainable solution
  • Basic, long-established medical practice optimized by WellTrackONE technology is the answer


WellTrackONE and its soon to be released proprietary CareONE Employer Program™ is a significant solution in helping self-insured companies to make informed decisions and control their healthcare costs.

To learn more about this product that is soon to be released by WellTrackONE, please select Click Here.

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