Clinical Triggers

Identification of Potential Risk Factors

What Are Clinical Triggers™?

The WellTrackONE software offers immediate identification of a wide range of potential Risk Factors within our Clinical Trigger™ software. Our Clinical Trigger™ software will help identify potential Risk Factors for your Medicare patients who receive the Annual Wellness Visit. Identification does not mean the patient has been diagnosed; it is still up to the physician to review the results of the Annual Wellness Visit and determine any medically necessary treatments, procedures and/or additional screenings.

How do Clinical Triggers™ Work?

The genesis of a Clinical Trigger is driven by all the information captured during the Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) by the WellTrackONE  template and its 350 data points (health data selections).  These markers of potential risk factors, indicators of current health conditions, and symptoms of what may be new or worsening concerns, mirror the purpose of the AWV, as it is reflected in its required elements.  The Medicare Preventive Services,  the Instrumental Activities of Daily Living and Activities of Daily Living,  the Mild Cognitive Impairment Risk, the Risk for Falls,  the Advance Care Planning Interest, the PHQ-9 Depression Screening Scores, the Blood Pressure Screenings, the BMI Scores, and the Hearing Loss Risk clinical triggers, are just a few of the topics for Clinical Triggers that were generated by addressing the AWV criteria.  Without lab values, and other test results – the Annual Wellness Visit is a preventive service – there are limitations to the data that is captured to consider, but the possibilities for point-of-care, preliminary screenings and reminders, are endless.

Clinical Triggers™ Advantages

WellTrackONE’s proprietary Clinical Triggers™ provides your healthcare organizations with point-of-care assessments derived from the data reported at the Annual Wellness Visit.  These Clinical Triggers™ are alerts that not only screen for risk, but also suggest medically necessary procedure and treatment options. These are rapid assessments of the captured data from the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit that provide patient risk stratification and suggestions for potential follow up care.

The Reimbursement Advantage of Clinical Triggers™

Clinical Triggers™ typically identify  anywhere from 1 to 5 potential risk factors that could precipitate the scheduling of follow up visits, resulting in further preventive and diagnostic screenings, procedures, and/or referrals.  Patients that may be eligible for  Chronic Care Management, have an increased prospective of being identified. This has the potential to generate between $395 and $1,200, per patient, annually, for a healthcare organization.

A Selection of our Standard Clinical Triggers™:

  • Arthritis Screening
  • Back Pain Screening
  • COPD Screening
  • Chronic Care Management Screening (CCM)
  • Advance Care Planning Screening (ACP)
  • Mild Cognitive Impairment Screening
  • Risk for Falls Screening
  • High Blood Pressure Risk Screening
  • Memory Loss Risk Screening
  • Diabetes Hypertension Risk Screening

A Selection of our Medicare Preventive Services as Clinical Triggers™:

  • Alcohol Misuse Screening Counseling
  • Cardiovascular Disease Screening
  • CVD Risk Reduction Counseling
  • Depression Screening
  • Diabetes Self-Management Training
  • Intensive Behavior Therapy
  • Lung Cancer Screening
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy Counseling
  • Tobacco Use Cessation Counseling

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