Post-Acute Care Facilities

An Annual Wellness Solution that Improves Patients’ Lives and Establishes a Substantial Recurring Revenue Stream for Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living Facilities.

How does this Program work?

We offer an Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) program for Post-Acute Care Facilities that can provide a high-quality healthcare assessment for all Medicare Part B and Advantage patients on an annual basis.

The AWV is the first health screening program ever implemented by Medicare. The AWV generates a personalized preventive plan for all its Medicare patients to help them live longer, healthier lives.

Due to the complex CMS guidelines that must be followed carefully for full reimbursement, many facilities cannot meet these requirements. WellTrackONE provides a proprietary program that is fully compliant with Medicare and takes the workload away from the facility in managing this visit.

Benefits to Facility

– Generates Additional Revenue for a Post-Acute Care Facility. Medicare has established a substantial regionally-based reimbursement of $155 – $195 per AWV.

– Annual Wellness Visits are specifically authorized for reimbursement for short and long term residents in the nursing facility.

– Strengthens and Reinforces Facility/Physician Relationships by creating new revenue opportunities ($450+/patient) and new referrals to community-based specialists for follow up of identified patient health risk factors.

– Generates a Wellness Plan specific to each patient that requires no additional work by a physician or staff.

– No Investment or Out of Pocket Expenses to the facility. The facility bills Medicare; we are paid after the facility is reimbursed.

– Robust Reporting System provides facility physicians with valuable data about the patient by identifying critical risk factors and population management trends over the life of the program. WellTrackONE provides the ability to ‘drill-down’ into patient data and identify valuable data for effective care management and pinpoint patients with the highest risk factors in a given category.

– No Additional Work on the part of a physician or  staff. A mid-level under a physician’s supervision can perform the AWV. If the facility does not have a nurse or CMA, WellTrackONE can supply one.

– Positions Facility in Line With Medicare Goals. This program positions the facility in line with Medicare today and going forward. WellTrackONE – ACO 33 Measures to view how the WellTrackONE system meets 29 of the 33 ACO measures.

Benefits to Patients

Strong Preventive Measures for patients to support their wellness and avoid chronic illness issues.

Improves Patients’ Quality of Life by identifying issues before they become chronic problems, improving their quality of life. The end result is patients live longer, healthier lives.

Patient Specific Health Plan creates a patient specific 5-year plan of health and screening as a road map for their personal healthcare, to help him or her maintain their wellness and focus on prevention instead of treatment.

No Deductible or Cost to Patients. Medicare pays 100% of the visit with no patient deductible.


Income Generation – $155 to $195 per Annual Wellness Visit per patient.

Reduce Hospitalizations – Proactively treat Medicare patients and identify Risk Factors that may lead to a catastrophic event requiring hospitalization.

Information for Cost Analysis – helping you better negotiate with Insurance companies, ACOs or other parties.

Marketing Tool for Families – they see the risk factors for their family and the 5 year health plan to control those risk factors.

Marketing to Community Physicians – share approved health plan with community physicians.

Marketing and Referrals to Community Specialists – based on risk factor analysis facility can generate new revenues and referrals to specialists.

Data Collection – on all Medicare patients in terms of their health risk factors.

Audit Protection – for patient follow-up visits and tests based on findings and risk factors.


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