A Full Service Medicare Annual Wellness Visit Solution for your Healthcare Organization.


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What We Do

We help physicians and physician organizations generate revenue and predict risk by:

  • Seamlessly help physicians complete the Medicare Annual Wellness Visits for their Medicare patients.
  • Giving physicians HCC RAF Codes for Risk Adjustment
  • Giving physicians medically necessary 1. Treatments, 2.Procedures and 3. Preventive Services aligned with CMS requirements
  • Helping organizations achieve clinical measures for 1. ACO 33 measures 2. PQRS 3. HEDIS and 4. Five-Star Certification
  • Helping transition the patient into medical management
  • Providing Risk Stratification and Outcomes reporting data

How We Do This

  • Eligibility checking on patient list
  • Postcards to patients to engage patient
  • Phone calls with their physician’s voice preamble to solidify engagement of patient and schedule them for visit
  • Provision of nurse/CMA if necessary to provide AWV in office
  • Interface with EHR to pre-fill data such as meds, allergies, etc
  • Bulletproof tablet solution to gather data from patient
  • “Clinical Triggers™” to render medically necessary follow-on services
  • Provide a convenient transition to Chronic Care Management
  • HCC RAF Codes to Physicians with Treatment Options defined
  • Validated Care Plans and Scales for medical management


Benefits for FFS Organizations

  • Full patient engagement services (no strain on practices)
  • Personalized care for patients
  • Complete risk assessment for chronic disease, falls, etc
  • Helps physicians better manage Medicare population
  • WellTrackONE Clinical Triggers™ renders significantly enhanced revenue for physician from AWVs, average of $250,000 per PCP, Chronic Care Management enrollment and Medically necessary Treatments, Procedures and Covered Services delivered to physician in AWV report
  • Reduction of spend rate by CMS

Benefits for Risk Organizations

  • Full patient engagement services (no strain on practices)
  • Wellness and Risk Assessment PLUS physical exam, blood/urine, EKG
  • Increased RAF Scores
  • Pre-CAHPS survey for actionable corrections prior to actual CAHPS
  • Increased attribution
  • Accurate transition to medical management
  • Evidence-based care plans with validated scales means consistent and quality-oriented post-assessment care
  • Quality measures for PQRS, HEDIS and Five-Star Certification
  • Fingertip access to WellTrackONE Reportaltm with risk stratification and outcomes data/graphs
  • Reduction of spend rate by CMS

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