WellTrackONE Offers a Wellness Solution to Fit your Organizations Needs

THEO is a wellness screening for ALL your Medicare patients that come in for their regularly scheduled appointments. An iPad is used in either the waiting room or exam room and the patient will complete this wellness self-assessment. This is the perfect use of the patient’s time as they wait to see their physician! THEO utilizes the time patients wait to see the physician,  identifies additional preventative services, has high patient satisfaction, requires no extra CMA or nurse and maximizes AWV completion at your practice.

The PreventONE™ Program leverages the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit using a full-service, end-to-end solution of patient engagement, software, documentation and risk analysis.

PreventONE™ is the most comprehensive Medicare Annual Wellness Visit solution in the industry. Our comprehensive population management tool called AccessONE™ enables Healthcare Organizations to better manage risk while providing a significant new revenue opportunity. Our proprietary Clinical Triggers™ provide Healthcare Organizations in-depth information to build highly effective care plans and reduce risks to the hospital. We generate all required Medicare documents in multiple languages including: English, Spanish, Russian and Chinese.

When released, the WellTrackONE and its proprietary CareONE DVCP™ program can change the face of Medicare Advantage.

It will give risk-based Medicare organizations a solid platform for risk/diagnoses detection, data aggregation and early detection of chronic disease and predisposition for catastrophic injury. Costs will be reduced through early intervention and care plan delivery, while revenues will increase as plans are reimbursed commensurate with true levels of member morbidity. Plans utilizing our system will attain a competitive advantage through knowing their actual risk exposure – enabling more accurate bids, adjusted stop loss insurance and more.

At the same time, retention will increase as members attribute unprecedented value to “their” Medicare Advantage Plan. CareONE DVCP™ is a game changer for Medicare Advantage Plans – for members, plan sponsors and CMS.

Healthcare is the second highest employer expense and no matter how low a company’s annual increases are, the carrying cost of health benefits represents a major loss of profit. Today, health inflation and a health system based on illness treatment instead of illness prevention, conspire against company profits and every employee’s health. Routinely companies are forced to accept this as the status quo, with no solution for the increasing cost of healthcare.

Today there is a new way for employers to gain control of this growing cost.

Coming soon:  The CareONE Employer Program – a new service for companies with self-funded health benefits that will enable them to take a greater control of their healthcare costs, while enhancing the quality of life of their employees.


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